Are You a Hero?

YOU are the hero of your business or organization and if you run a small business or an active part of your organization, you are a hero to your community! Sometimes you don’t feel like a hero because business is slow and no one is beating down your doors to get your products or services.

Chances are your marketing has taken a back seat to all the day to day operations of your business. People in your own community are forgetting about you and the great product or service you provide.

Why? You have to stay top of mind and it’s hard to do when you are the one man or woman show. I help local small businesses and organizations get visible online and stay visible and top of mind so they have more time to be the hero of their world.

How I Can Help

I have a heart for small local businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations. I live in a great little community in the heart of northwest Iowa. I help local businesses develop an online presence, so they are more visible to their ideal customer and remain top of mind in their community while growing their business beyond their local area.

I work with business owners to find the best online strategies for their particular type of business. Not every company has to do ‘all the things online‘ and certainly not all at once. I work with you to come up with the best online strategy based on the goals you have in mind for your business growth. Then, I put that strategy in place for you so you don’t have to learn one more thing you won’t have time to do.

It’s Time . . .

  • to get your business or organization found.
  • to stay top of mind in your community.
  • to update your outdated website.
  • to be social.
  • to be remembered.
  • to love your business again.
  • to collaborate a strategy.
  • to free up your time.
  • time to go beyond your community.
  • time to show the world your value.
  • time to ask for help.
  • time for something new.
  • time to hire me.

How To Work With Me

Step 1

Schedule a discovery call by clicking on the schedule below.

Step 2

You will get a confirmation email along with a link to a questionnaire for you to complete so I can get to know you and your business before we meet.

Step 3

We meet by video chat through a Zoom meeting link. If you are located in northwest Iowa chances are good that we could meet at your business or organization in person.

Step 4

After we meet and decide we can work well together I will email you a link to a custom proposal designed to meet the needs and goals for your business. You accept the proposal, sign the contract, and pay the invoice due.

Step 5

I get to work on your project and you work on being the hero of your business.

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