Are You a Hero?

You are the hero of your business. However, some parts of operating your business have become your nemesis. Are the mundane and tedious busywork of your business taking you away from the essential part of your business which is your customers and clients?  Have no fear your sidekick is here. I am in the business of providing the support services that every business hero needs. My job is to make you look and operate like the professional hero that your customers and clients expect.

Ask yourself what parts of your business are taking you away from serving your clients and customers. Chances are your answers are tasks such as bookkeeping, filing, scheduling, invoicing, bill paying, creating marketing materials, managing emails and organizing your time. Those are just some of the things a sidekick can do for you. Let me take care of all the mundane, tedious tasks because only you can be the hero to your customers and clients.

How This Sidekick Helps a Hero

As the hero of your business, your primary focus is helping your people who are your customers and clients. Your people are the brick and mortar that build your business. You also have to take care of your business to continue developing and prospering. Some duties and tasks are necessary to maintain your business but don’t directly connect with your people. Those kinds of functions are better suited to an assistant, or in this case a sidekick. As your sidekick, I can target the tasks that are necessary for your business so you can focus more on your people. Those tasks are my superpowers just as the services and products you provide to your people are your superpowers.

You Can’t Do It All . . .But You Can Have Help Doing It All

When you are in business, and especially if you are your business, you have to wear all the “hats” and put on all the “capes.” All heroes have a weakness of some sort. Perhaps you are a fantastic people person but your office is a disaster zone, and your unorganized schedule has helped you miss an essential connection. Maybe you are a creative type and numbers, filing and bookkeeping get set aside because it’s so dull and meaningless to you. You have great ideas but can’t seem to communicate them on paper or in a design. You know you need a web presence, but it just seems too big a task to take away from serving your current clients. You know you can’t do everything, but the good news is you can have help doing everything. That is where an assistant or in this case a sidekick can step in and help you.

It’s Hard to Let Go

I know how hard it is to let go and hand off work to another person. After all, nobody knows your business as you do and nobody can have the passion that you have for your business. It all comes down to a matter of trust. I understand that giving that trust to someone you’ve never met or worked with can be limiting. I know you want the work done correctly and timely. Building that trust takes time and communication, and I am willing to earn your trust and produce the work that you would expect from someone who has a passion for their business. I have the same kind of love for my business.  My dad always said if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right, so you can bet I want to do your projects the right way.

I can promise you that my goal is to help you free up your time so you can be successful in your business. In the end, if you are successful, I am successful, and it is probably cliche to say it, but it’s a win-win scenario.

Office Professional Specialties

Like any office professional I have experience in some specific fields, however, it doesn’t limit my ability to be of service to you in your area of specialty.  I have always made it a habit to learn something useful from any job I have ever had.  I like to take what I learn and apply it to the next task in some way.  When faced with any challenge I reach into the file cabinet of my brain and find that skill that will be useful to conquering the challenge or solving the puzzle. The skills don’t only include physical brain skills they also include interpersonal skills that build relationships and trust.  Below you will find the fields where I have extensive experience.  Is there a field that fits your needs?



Industry Specialties