Here to Serve You

My name is Nancy Nelson and I am new to the real estate industry.  I earned my real estate license at the end of 2017 and received my license in January 2018.  I bring with me a wide range of professional and creative skills in business, computer software, office management, writing, and organization. I am an expert in customer service, marketing, and office management.  I am passionate about the needs and goals of my clients.  As an “army brat” I am no stranger to moving, having moved 15 times before the age of 18 and several more since.  I am fully aware of the stress, emotion, and excitement that comes with the process of finding a home.  My job is to alleviate as much stress as possible to make finding or selling your home as smooth as possible.  I am backed by two of the most experienced brokers in the area who each have well over 25 years of real estate experience.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University where I studied horticulture. I am originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in many places since my dad was in the army.  In my lifetime I have lived in a variety of places and home types.  I can see the potential of any home or apartment, much of which, I learned from my parents.

I am happy to make Cherokee my home. I have been a member of the Cherokee community since 1994 when I moved here with my husband.  My husband is a fourth generation Cherokean making our three children fifth generation Cherokeans.  I know the positive potential of our county and I have a pulse on the resources and businesses that can help homeowners.  My mom always teases me about knowing “everybody” in town.  I don’t really know everybody but I do enjoy getting to know new people. I love our community so much that I was able to convince my mom to move here.  I had always had the thought of becoming a real estate agent in the back of my mind. The idea really began to hit home when I helped my mom find her house here in Cherokee along with connecting her to a financial institute that could work with her.

I enjoy a wide range of hobbies that include sewing, quilting, reading, movies, music, archery, remodeling and decorating my home, and anything DIY or crafty.  My husband and I are also actively involved in Boy Scout Troop 107. I currently serve as Committee Chair and Advancement Coordinator and my husband is an Eagle Scout and the Scoutmaster.  Our oldest son is an Eagle Scout with our middle son soon to join the ranks of Eagle Scouts.   We also lead the 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Club which our daughter is actively involved.  I especially enjoy being active in my church, First Church of Christ, serving on the worship team rotating as PowerPoint operator, greeter, and singer. I also love to participate in bible and book studies with my church family.

My strengths are organization skills, creativity, and customer service, which is the trifecta for any real estate agent.

My Mission

  • To bring the highest level of commitment to the individuals and families I serve.
  • Treat each individual and family with the utmost respect and kindness.
  • Connect sellers and buyers so both sides feel they got a fair deal and everybody lives happily ever after in their new homes.