Ministry Administrative Services

How can a church benefit from an office professional in the virtual world? There are several advantages to hiring an online office professional (sidekick) for ministry professionals.

  • An online office assistant can free up a pastor’s time to focus more on people rather than administrative tasks.
  • An online office assistant can be an affordable alternative to hiring staff and paying employee expenses, providing space and equipment for staff to work, and saving the time and hassle of searching for just the right staff person.
  • An online office assistant is more reliable and flexible to match the busy and crazy work schedule of most ministry professionals.
  • An online office assistant continues to build their skills and stays current with the latest software and resources useful in the industry.

To help you with your ministry administrative services I have the advantage of having four years of experience as a church secretary.  In my time as a church secretary I learned that being an administrative assistant within a church is a ministry in itself.  I have the unique insight to know that my job is to provide quality and excellence in my work all for His glory.  Whether it is a weekly bulletin, PowerPoint slides, newsletters,  membership database entry or helping you organize your calendar and files I can provide a wide range of services to help you move your ministry forward.