Organization Administrative Services

Organizations and clubs can be the heroes of any community. You are the help for those in need. You are the supporters of local and historical sites of your community. You are the provider of activities for families to participate in together. You are the builders of communities to keep them moving forward.

How can an office professional help an organization? Let’s say you belong to a community organization that raises funding for the local library and you need to get more exposure for your cause. I could create a press release for the local newspaper, build a Facebook page and help build the audience, create and maintain a website for your audience to learn more about your cause. 

Let’s say you belong to a community club such as an archery club (I use that example because I and my family belong an archery club). Maybe your club needs more members or your club hosts tournaments for other archery enthusiasts to participate. Again, I can create press releases and news stories for a local paper, create and maintain a Facebook page, and create and maintain a website for interested people to find more information.

Maybe your club records a meeting and you need someone to type up meeting minutes to summarize the events of the meeting. Perhaps you belong to committee that needs someone to communicate to other committee members in a timely and accurate matter about upcoming meetings. 

The possibilities for an office professional to help an organization succeed is practically limitless. 

Want to find out more on how I can be of service to your organization contact me today and let’s find out together.

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