Real Estate Administrative Services

As real estate agents and brokers you know that keeping up with your clients is the most important aspect of your industry. You also know that keeping up with all aspects of your business can be both time consuming and difficult. Some portions of your business are time consuming because you may not have the skills or knowledge needed to keep up in an efficient manner. Others of are difficult because you simply just don’t know how to do certain tasks.  Why not let a sidekick help you out so you can keep up with the most important part of your business, the people you serve.

I have the advantage of having skills that will help you keep up with your bookkeeping, marketing, website building and maintenance, organizing your files and your contacts as well as your calendar.

I am a licensed real estate agent in Iowa so I am fully aware of your needs as a real estate agent and broker. Let me help you save your time and your sanity as you build and succeed in your real estate business.

Industry Specialties