There are several sidekick service packages available. There are three hourly packages for general office services.  The hourly packages are ideal when you need help with a variety of tasks.  For more specific projects check out the Online Presence Packages.  To get a customized quote more specific projects please complete the form below. I will be happy to give you a more “targeted” quote for your office professional needs.



My specialty is helping small businesses develop an online presence.  I have developed three packages specifically geared toward helping businesses develop their online presence. These are great for developing a specific aspect of your online presence plan.


There are three hourly packages available for general VA services. These are great for when you need an office professional who can handle multiple different types of tasks. To learn more about the services and skills I can offer check out the Services and My Toolbox pages.

$400 / MONTH

$795 / MONTH

$1500 / MONTH

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